With the collective experience of over 15 years in the wedding industry
and coordinating hundreds of events, our team will expertly guide you.



Angela Hollick, Owner/ Event Coordinator

Get to know Angela…
Absolutely Addicted to Moe’s,
Older Sister to 4, Momma to 2,
Avid Blog Reader, Salt and Vinegar Chips,
Back In Dance Class After a 12 year break,
Changing Seasons, In love With Love,
The Original Westminster Bride,
Fresh Flowers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,
Our Lady of Mercy, Farmer’s Markets,
Collects Stray Cats- Stopped at 5,
Patrick Swayze, Couponing, Holiday Decorating


Karen Simmonds, catering coordinator

Get to know Karen…
Singing, Writing, Rollerskating Grandma,
Battling Pathological Niceness,
Drawing Straight Lines Without a Ruler,
Fan of Digging up History, Finding the Perfect Words,
Classical Music, Cookies, Flash Fiction,
Rod Serling/Twilight Zone Aficionado,
Log Cabins in the Woods, Stubborn Persistence,
Autumn Leaves, Chocolate Fountains, Taking a Leap,
Giving Things My All,
They Call Me Mary Poppins



Rachel Pasternak, Event Coordinator

Get to know Rachel…
Lover of All Things Purple,
Leo’s Fudge Brownie Supporter,
Reluctant iPhone Convert,
Judy Garland and Gene Kelly Superfan,
New York Yankees, Dark Chocolate,
Recovering Musical Theater Actor,
Gilbert & Sullivan Operettas, Disney Fan,
Doritos - Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese,
Syracuse University, Nazareth College, The Harley School,
Ornate Credenzas, Tall Centerpieces,
Amadeus Is The Best Movie Ever Made Followed By The Godfather Part I & II,
Bluebells, Matt Bomer, Elvis Maven