Winter Wedding Wonderland

Clearly, I’ve been slacking on blog posts, and right now I’m going to blame it on a plethora of Winter Weddings!!! It’s no secret that winter weddings are all the rage lately! For those that aren’t completely onboard with the idea, let me give you a few reasons why winter weddings have the potential to be one of the most magical times to say “I Do!”

1. Singular Location
I’ll start with the obvious, having one, singular location for ceremony and reception is really important for winter weddings. No worrying if guests will be able to make it to two different locations and no crazy long gaps in-between ceremony & reception. You want all your guests to be able to relax and have fun, so why not have everything in one space to make it easy on them?

2. Weather
Yes, the weather may be a big question mark, but that is what makes it so magical! If you’re having a winter wedding, plan for snow, but if it happens to be one of those really odd days that turn out warm and sunny, enjoy it! Your wedding will go exactly as planned, but the weather is one thing you can’t stress about—whatever it does, you’re still going to be married and have an amazing day!

3. Fight the Winter Blues
It’s no secret that living in Upstate NY the winter blues are REAL. Giving your guests a winter wedding to look forward to can make the cold days go by a little faster since they’ll have the wedding of the century to look forward to ;)! And if you’re planning a winter wedding, it will literally make the season FLY by!

4. Better Deal$
Most venues and vendors offer discounts during the “off-season” so make sure to inquire if your big day falls during that time!

5. Less Competition
Have a very popular vendor that you’ve set your sights on? Well, chances are that in the winter they are more likely to be available than any other season. Also, your guests will be less likely to have another wedding to contend with when finalizing their RSVP.

6. Literally the BEST pictures
Snow + faux fur + love = heart eye emoji! Some of the greatest pictures are from winter weddings and man, they are gorgeous!

What are you waiting for—start planning your winter wedding wonderland today :)!