Sparkler Send Off

Sparkler Send Off.jpg

Sparkler send offs seem to be all the rage lately and we LOVE it (Yes, we do allow them)! There is nothing quite like ending your wedding night with a beautiful send off into married life! 

Here are a few tips/tricks to successfully and safely have a sparkler send off:

1. Purchase the actual wedding sparklers--they're usually longer than normal sparklers, which is necessary to get a few beautiful pictures. Don't go crazy, you do not need 1 for every single guest.
2. Have your DJ make an announcement! We want to make sure everyone knows what's going on. Sometimes it's even helpful to have a pretty sign made and displayed in the reception letting guests know when there will be a sparkler send off. 
3. Set up a "light station" with a bunch of votives to allow more guests to light their sparklers at the same time.
4. Encourage guests to help light each other's sparklers.
5. Make enough room for the newlyweds to walk through comfortably without fearing for their eyebrows.