The Grand Exit


Westminster's Grand Exit is one of my favorite things, ever! Just because this isn't a memory/photo you can get just anywhere. 

Set the scene: The ceremony just ended with a magical first kiss as newlyweds. Then the couple gets to strut down the aisle in pure wedded bliss. Your Coordinator escorts you two out of sight for a moment to yourselves as all bridal party, parents and guests spread out on each side of the front chapel stairs. When everyone is in place, the newlyweds smooch and walk down in between all of their loved ones, while the church bells ring. No matter the season, this is guaranteed to be a memorable moment that photographs even better than most anticipate. 

Now I know not every single wedding day is filled with bright clear skies, but if rain does happen on your wedding day and you don't want your guests to get soggy, we can always try to coordinate this moment later with just bridal party and parents when there's a break in weather.